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App to store and redeem ANY gift card? What about just photos of the cards?


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Nov 3, 2011
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Hello -

For a long time I was using Google Wallet to store gift cards, and then Google removed that feature.

I then switched to Gyft, but they recently removed the feature that allowed you to store custom gift cards that were not contained in their list of retailers.

I then switched to Slide, but you can no longer manually update the card balances, and the automatic balance updates haven't worked for months.

I found a few other "gift card wallets" on the app store, but they all seem to limit you to just storing gift cards from the limited number of retailers that they have partnered with.

So, my question to the community is: is there an iPhone app that will allow you to store and redeem ANY gift card, regardless of retailer?

If not, has anybody ever tried just taking photos of the front and back of a gift card, and redeeming it from the photos app? Any idea if that would work?

Thanks in advance.