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[APP STORE] Sticky Soccer - awesome arcade soccer puzzle game [iPhone & iPad]


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Jun 29, 2014
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Hi there!

We would you to know that our latest game "StickyBalls Soccer" is now available on the App Store for 99c (69p), and would love you to take a look and if possible review it. You can download the game using the following link:


Based on our previous title "StickyBalls Classic" it's a unique arcade puzzle game, but this time with a soccer theme in homage to the World Cup. Not only that but we have 12 new pitches to play on as well as 6 soccer themed classic ones.

The original game itself was much talked about when released in mid 2005 and so we have finally included the unreleased PSP levels which gained much attention from the press at the time. We hope you enjoy it.

Sticky Soccer is published by Fast Pixel Games Ltd 2014.

Thanks for your time, and here are a few screenshots:


You might like to know that version 1.03 has been released with ALL TABLES UNLOCKED for a limited time only.

(Work has started on version 1.04, which will be a huge update, adding many more tables).

If you like the game then we would be extremely grateful if you would rate and/or review it on the App Store.

Many thanks.

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