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anyone know any icloud lock services?


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Apr 18, 2015
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So I bought a iPhone 6 today and it turned out to be icloud locked I have been looking around for websites that can do it so far no luck. I did however get referred to this one website by two different eBay members the site is called EDITED - no website links has anyone had any experience with them they suposebly specialize in icloud bypass thanks
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Welcome to iPhoneForums, slipknot8!

There's no other option to bypass iCloud activation lock but contact the previous owner and ask him to remove the iPhone from Find my iPhone. Sorry!

Here's how it has to be done:
iCloud Remove your device from Find My iPhone

The sites that offer iCloud unlock services are nothing else but scam, and won't help with your problem.
If you bought the phone from a site with a good return policy, such as eBay, you should contact the seller and ask for a refund if the seller can't remove the iCloud activation lock. The best thing about eBay's return policy is that you can get a refund even if the seller refuses, if you you use the item not as described procedure.
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