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AirMeasure by Laan Labs


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Mar 23, 2017
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Needing to measure something at home, and thinking of laser measures rather than my trusty old tape measure, I wondered if there was anything similar to a laser measure in the way of apps. A quick check in the app store and I found several, but AirMeasure caught my eye - not least for being free, with no in-app purchases and hence nagware.

First of all, it requires an iPhone 6S and above to access all the tools and ARKit enabled, which I assume is now bundled in 11.3+ (Hence why I am posting it here, rather than in app discusions.)

The following lists some of the tools:-


Point and shoot
Aim the camera toward an object to measure

Air Mode
Move phone from A to B like a tape measure

Surface Locked
Restrict to surfaces like a floor or wall

Virtual Furniture
Buying a new couch? Place a virtual one first to make sure it fits.

3d Trajectory
Chart a 3d path as you walk around. Get the total length of your path.

Vertical Height
Find height of your house or other tall things by restricting to the vertical direction.

Laser Level
Project a virtual level line on the wall to get those paintings lined up!

3d Cube
Fit a cube around an object to quickly get the width/height/length. Perfect for shipping.

TV Sizer
Before you buy that fancy new TV, find the size that fits your wall

How Tall Are You?
Face detection automagically estimates your height from the camera view.


The app is a guide and not wonderfully accurate, hence my trusty tape measure stays, and I have yet to check whether there is an ideal distance to increase measurement accuracy. I think that it is a very interesting application of AR and well worth a look if only to understand a little bit more about AR capabilities. (The few AR apps I have seen so far have been games.)

Btw, I have nothing to do with the app.

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