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Adding Picture Folders


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Nov 28, 2010
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Just wondering if and how i can add picture folders to the photo album?
Im sick of having everything in the one "Camera Roll" Folder, and having to scroll through a billion pages to find a pic i want.
Ive downloaded a couple of photo folder apps, but would prefer to just have them all in the standard photo album.
Brittany :)
Create a folder in your "My Pictures" folder on your PC and call it "iPad Folders", open it and create a folder for each category you want your photos to be in, for example, "Joe and Mary's wedding", Then drag and drop the photos you want into that folder. Repeat for all the other folders you want to make.

Now, go into "iTunes', click on your "iPad' in the left hand column, then click on "Photos" on the right hand top side. Check "Sync Photos From My Pictures" and then select "Selected folders" then browse down the list of folders and select the "iPad Folders" folder that you created above and any of the others you want to be synced to your iPad. Then you click Apply to sync them to your iPad. IMPORTANT. Only the ones you selected will now be on the iPad, so be sure you have made folders for everything you want on your iPad.
Thanks for that! :)
Once my phone is out of "Recovery Mode" - (Which i have now spent 10 consecutive hours trying to restore with no luck, - thank you itunes iphone updater! not!), or my replacement phone arrives, i will try it out! :)
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Yes, Tiny Umbrella was the program i was using unfortunately.
We tried it out on 2 computers with no luck.
The Apple "Support" line told me it was likely a hardware issue, but to keep trying on a 3rd computer, - for which they got quite a colorful response!

I have only had the phone for 3 weeks, and it originally had issues with the in-call volume. The speakerphone had to be on, or else it was like the person on the other line was whispering from 2 rooms away!
I asked if i was still able to send the phone back for a replacement now that it is in recovery mode, and was assured that i could, so ive sent it off this afternoon, and the replacement should be 5 or so days away.

SoOoOo Frustrating!
Ive never had a phone that needed immediate repair, or would cause me such grief...BUT....
I wouldn't swap it for any other phone and i feel totally lost without it! lol
At last a reasonable response from someone when they have a problem. I understand the frustration you must have and appreciate the way you have handled it. When a manufacture makes millions of devices a month, some bad component will always slip through now and then. If quality control had to check out each one, to be sure they all work perfectly, they would cost thousands not hundreds. Some people take it as a personal affront, when something doesn't work correctly. You seem to understand that these devices are some of the most complicated and sophisticated devices they will ever own. Most people just take it for granted. Apple is one of the best for exchanging a device for you. Just try to get an exchange on that new car you bought with all the built in electronic internet connectivity. Heck, just try and get it fixed by a dealer. Good luck on that one!