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  1. NSquirrel

    Observation-Battery Discharge and Safari in Background

    When you put your phone in sleep mode and you leave your iphone with Safari still launched and on a say a news page, which updates frequently, even though the phone is asleep, the battery discharges as the news page is updated. There is, apparently, no way to turn off background refresh for...
  2. HunnieBunnie

    Alarms and Sleep

    I need to set an alarm for early tomorrow morning. I always put my mobile on sleep once I retire at night. I do not want to be awoken by calls or emails during the night. So, if I put my mobile on sleep tonight as usual, can I still set an alarm and hear it in the morning?? I hope that...
  3. HunnieBunnie

    Mobile Rings Whilst on Do Not Disturb

    I always put my phone on do not disturb (the little moon symbol) before going to bed at night and before lying down for a nap in the afternoon. Today, despite it being on do not disturb, two phone calls rang in within half an hour of one another. After the first call rang in, I checked to be...