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    Mystery Porn Photos

    Hi everyone, Every now and then (twice to be exact) - for no reason that I can see - I find a random pornographic photo on my phone. I'm trying to find out how it got there, and was wondering if anyone would mind pointing me in a direction. First, I'm not going to suggest that I have never...
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    Iphone 3GS data erased after ios upgrade

    Hi, A friend of mine recently gave me her old iphone 3GS to help her backup her photos. Note that the phone no longer has a sim card inserted. I'm not familiar with iphones, always had android phones, so I charged the battery, plugged the iphone to my laptop. Couldn't access the files directly...
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    upload video from pc to iphone and use in Telegram

    hello , i buy iPhone 6s a few days ago and really amateur on this i want to copy some video files to my phone and then send them to telegram chat i install ITunes in win7 and upload videos to library and sync it . after this i check the videos app in phone and i can see all of my clips here...