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    Replaced screeen, phones on screen and ringer doesn't work

    I had a buddy who fixes phones do my screen & after he replaced it he plugged it in to see if the screen worked before setting it in, it showed the charge battery symbol and died and neither new or old screen or ringer has worked since and I had been password locked out but it pops up when I...
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    iPhone no sound issue

    Earlier today I updated my 5c to the new iOS 10.0.2. Then the the speaker was working fine, for example I talked with my friend on FaceTime and I could hear her. After that I opened the podcasts and the music app and the sound suddenly stopped working. Then I tried FaceTime again but this time...
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    iPhone 6s Earpiece speaker inoperable after opening iPhone

    Hello I'm a noob, haha well here's what happened I opened my iPhone 6s to unplug/plug the battery and I did fix the issue I had Well now, the earpiece speaker on the phone won't operate...no sound I have the assumption that the ribbon by the earpiece was mistreated or ripped as I opened it but I...