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  1. S

    HELP! PP App not working

    Hello reader, So I've had the Pangu 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak for almost a year now with no problems after restarts or after my phone dies until now. Last night my phone died and after I charged it and turned it back on, I tried to open the PP app to rejailbreak my phone as usual. Well, the app...
  2. SniperXT

    Hello all ! new use to the forum !

    hi im a new iPhone user, I joined thsi forum to learn new thing about iPhone and I hope I enjoy my timz with you guys :)
  3. I

    I'm a new iPhone user, came from the Android camp.

    Newly arrived from the Android camp, I recently tried an iPhone 4s that I bought used, and a few days ago I upgraded to the iPhone SE. I'm on T-Mobile. I had Samsung phones for years, but after trying an iPhone I like it better, especially the longer lasting battery. I had a Galaxy S4 previously...