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  1. T

    Microphone did not work

    I had an Iphone Xs two moths ago. Suddenly during a call the microphone stopped working. The person I was talking to could not hear me, but I heard him. After a full reset (Erase all contents and settings) everything works except for microphone icon. The microphone Icon always has a bar across...
  2. Barnsworth

    Mute won't mute favorites?

    So I've literally wasted about 2 hours of my life on this. I have "favorites" selected so that they can ring in on my phone when I turn the "do not disturb" on but when I turn on the mute button on the side of the phone they still ring in. Is this the case and the way it's supposed to be? I...
  3. L

    Volume/Mute Issue?

    Sometimes certain sounds don't work oh my new iPhone X. If I put the volume to mute and turn it back on, some applications whicht has sound, the sound doesn't work. For instant applications such as the animoji and games such as Words of Friends. However, if the phone ring, the ringer...