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    Voice memos app stopped recording

    Hi! My voice memos app won’t record. It used to. I have saved recordings that sound fine. My phone microphone works and my video recordings have sound. It’s just this app. I deleted it and redownloaded it and it’s still just weird clicks that I get when I record. I have adjusted the volume I...
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    Microphone did not work

    I had an Iphone Xs two moths ago. Suddenly during a call the microphone stopped working. The person I was talking to could not hear me, but I heard him. After a full reset (Erase all contents and settings) everything works except for microphone icon. The microphone Icon always has a bar across...
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    Headphone micro not working

    Hi all, I am using the original lightning headphones from apple. Since some days the micro does not work. I can still accept calls via headphone and the sound is also working, but nobody can hear what I am saying via external headphone micro. As soon as I deplug the headphones, the internal...