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  1. M

    Message transfer problems

    After transferring data from android to iPhone using iOS transfer, all of my one on one messages had been turned over not groups for no reason. How can I fix this and remove the two middle contacts in this situation? I tried swiping left but was unsuccessful in achieving anything.
  2. sbsmithjax

    iphone ios Message app losing SOME images I send

    This has been happening on my iphone for a little less then a year. I've upgraded from iphone 6 to 11 pro during that time. Have signed out of icloud, imessage, etc several times trying to solve problem. My messages app randomly drops SOME image that I send to other people. See iphone...
  3. Maura

    YouTube App Gets Instant iMessage Video Sharing With New iOS Update

    YouTube has today updated its iOS app with a new sharing feature whereby you can much more easily share YouTube videos directly via the Messages app, writes 9to5 Mac. Prior to today’s update, when you sent someone a YouTube video in Messages, they’d have to click on a link in order to view the...
  4. B

    Why can't I make calls using other devices and messages won't sync?

    Hi all, Recently I damaged my iPhone 5C, so my husband lent me his (exact same model) to use. I restored the phone to factory (not from my old backup), used my old SIM card, set it up with my iCloud and Mac ID and mostly it works just like my old one. BUT, since then, I'm not able to make calls...
  5. H

    Recover old snapchat messages

    Help recover old snapchats on private messages that you haven't saved? Is there a safe way to do this? I have iPhone 6 ios 9.2 PLEASE HELP THIS IS SO SERIOUS. I know snapchats are never really deleted and are saved somewhere on your phone. How do you view them again?!