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  1. S

    Apple Maps bloat with Carplay?

    Hello All, My phone is iphone XR. I'm having an issue that I cannot solve... When I use Apple Maps connected to Carplay, the "documents and data" storage for the app bloats. For example: - I removed the Maps app and reinstalled. Documents and Data now at approx. 56 MB - Used the Maps app...
  2. Maura

    Apple Maps to Undergo Complete Redesign “From the Ground Up”

    Apple has today announced that it is in the process of completely rebuilding Apple Maps, writes TechCrunch. The new version has been built using first-party data obtained from iPhones and also from Apple’s own special fleet of cars that have been kitted out with sensors and cameras. The new...
  3. C

    Why is location map grey?

    Hi there Why has the location map colour changed from orange to grey in iMessage for a friend that shares their location with me? Thank you
  4. Michael Graubart

    Maps: Cannot remove Favorites or searches

    I have an iphone SE with iOS 11.2.1 I have tried to remove stored places for which I have previously searched by swiping left on each of them and tapping 'Remove', but they re-appear — sometimes immediately, sometimes after I have shut the phone down and have later opened it again. My guess is...
  5. Michael Graubart

    In Maps, cannot delete history

    I have an iPhone SE with iOS 11.0.3. All instructions I have seen for deleting places I have searched for before in Maps tell one to click the search bar, then Favorites and then at the bottom of the screen click Recents. But there is nothing at the bottom of my screen! What to do? Thanks...
  6. Maura

    Apple Maps Adds Indoor Maps for Eight More U.S. Airports

    MacRumors reports today that Apple has continued to expand one of the most popular features of its Maps app by adding indoor maps for eight more airports in the United States. The newly added airports include O’Hare International and Midway International in Chicago; McCarran International in...
  7. Maura

    Apple Adds Many More Public Transport Options to Maps App in the UK

    AppleInsider reports that Apple has just updated Apple Maps in the UK with the addition of public transport for many areas in the UK, including major metropolitan areas such as Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds-Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, and Sheffield. Also added is...
  8. Maura

    Apple to Use Drones to Collect Data for Maps App

    Bloomberg reports that Apple is set to use drones and indoor navigation features in order to make improvements to its Maps apps and bring them closer in quality to Google’s ever popular Maps app. Sources familiar with Apple’s plans said that the company is putting together a team of robotics...
  9. Maura

    Apple Unveils New Maps Development Centre in India

    AppleInsider reports that Apple has announced that it is opening an office in Hyderabad, India, for the purposes of developing Maps products for iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch. The new centre will provide jobs for up to 4,000 employees, who will concentrate on developing Maps updates as well as new...