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iphone edition

  1. Maura

    Major Casemaker Claims OLED iPhone is Called iPhone Edition

    9to5 Mac reports today on an old rumour that has resurfaced and that is starting to look less and less like a rumour and more and more like solid fact as we approach the September 12 launch date of the new iPhone line up. The news comes via 9to5 Mac’s Set Weintraub, who is currently at IFA in...
  2. Maura

    Rumour: iPhone 8 to be Called iPhone Edition, Will Have Touch ID on the Back

    9to5 Mac reports today on what it calls a “sketchy” rumour from is a source within Foxconn, via iDropNews. According to the source, the forthcoming iPhone 8 will actually be called iPhone Edition, and the Touch ID sensor will be moved to the back of the phone in order to incorporate the new...
  3. Maura

    Rumour: iPhone 8 Will be Called “iPhone Edition" and Will be Delayed

    According to a new report on Japanese website Mac Otakara, via MacRumors, what everyone has, up until now, been calling the forthcoming iPhone 8 may actually be called the “iPhone Edition.” The reason for the name change is to signify that the top-of-the-line phone is a higher-end, luxury...