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ios 10.2 beta 4

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    Repeating "Your Phone is Connected" on CRV Bluetooth

    I have a Honda 2012 CRV with Bluetooth hands free connect and an iPhone SE. This combination worked flawlessly since the phone was purchased in early Aug 2016. There was a recent iPhone IOS 10.2 update and ever since then my car keeps notifying me about every 4 minutes that the phone is...
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    iOS 10.2 beta 4 battery drainage very high

    after waiting for more than a week, we were delighted to install 10.2 beta 4 yesterday but using it more almost 2 days, battery drainage is much higher than beta 3. Even I would say, it is highest among all builds so far. No doubt, beta 4 has solved Health app refreshing issue and lags. I am...