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  1. nerdyiphonen00b

    iPhone Carrier Unlocking and Functional Testing

    Hey guys, Recently purchased 30+ iPhones at an electronics repair store that's going out of business. These phones are all gently used/like new and very little to no information (original carrier, country of origin, ect) was provided about these devices. Models range from iPhone 5c through...
  2. H

    Iphone Se Broken or Virus? HELP!

    Okay, so my phone randomly turns itself off, and a white screen with a black apple logo comes up and it goes all pixelated and sometimes it will go incredibly pixelated as if the screen was broken before going off, and other times it goes less pixelated and is stuck on that screen. When I hard...
  3. H

    Iphone 6s plus on sprint bad credit

    I want to get the iphone 6s plus on sprint. But i have not so good credit between 600-500. I know i will be required to give a deposit and would like to know if anyone with a similar credit score and phone choice could tell me there experience with sprint credit check and deposits. I was told to...
  4. B

    My phone got stuck on the apple logo.

    I installed a tweak called tsProtector and it got stuck on a boot loop. Already tried force restart but still gets stuck. It wont even show the lockscreen.
  5. S

    HELP! PP App not working

    Hello reader, So I've had the Pangu 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak for almost a year now with no problems after restarts or after my phone dies until now. Last night my phone died and after I charged it and turned it back on, I tried to open the PP app to rejailbreak my phone as usual. Well, the app...
  6. S

    Black shattered screen.. any hope in getting my pictures

    so.. my iPhone 6s Plus was stepped on and shattered. The phone powers on, takes screen shots, but does not respond to touch. Siri also won't speak to me any more.. I had the phone replaced by the insurance and spent 3 hours on the phone with apple care trying various things to try to get my...
  7. G

    Can't press home button to upgrade to iOS 10

    I recently managed to break my home button of my iPhone 6 - and didn't realise that iOS 10 requires the home button to upgrade and unlock the phone. I understand I can downgrade to iOS 9.3.5 which would solve my problem until I have a replacement button, however I cannot unlock my phone so that...