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google pixel

  1. Maura

    iPhone 7 Plus Dominates Google Pixel XL in Real World Speed Tests

    BGR writes that the iPhone 7 Plus has once again been pitted against Google’s new Pixel XL phablet, this time in a real-world speed test, and has simply blown away its rival. The new test comes from YouTuber PhoneBuff, who has posted a video on YouTube of himself putting the two phones through...
  2. Maura

    iPhone 7 Beats New Google Pixel Phone in First Benchmarks

    Although Google only just announced its new Pixel phone yesterday, benchmark tests are already available that compare the new phone with Apple’s iPhone 7, and according to AppleInsider the results are good news for Apple. Early benchmarks for the Pixel and Pixel XL in Geekbench 4 are 4100 for...