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  1. Chaos Condensate

    Cydia Based handheld gaming console? (jailbroken iPhone 4s)

    Very recently jailbroke my old iPhone 4s after upgrading to a hand-me-down 5s, and I'm planning to do the same with an old 2nd gen iPod i dug up from the depths of who knows where. The original intent for doing the jailbreak was to turn the phone into a quasi gaming handheld since I don't have...
  2. A

    Testing new a9 chipset

    anyone know some games besides the infinity blade series to seriously take full advantage of this beastly new chipset Apple was so kind as to provide in its newest phone? Something that has great graphics and would be slow on most other devices. Preferably free but if not oh well.
  3. Maura

    Activision Blizzard Snaps Up Candy Crush Company King

    With the words “Candy Crush” trending worldwide on Twitter today for quite some time, there’s no mistaking exactly what mobile games company King is best known for. The reason for the infuriatingly addictive mobile game trending today is because Activision Blizzard announced that it is to buy...