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  1. retexan599

    Send or Forward Text Message to Email Address

    I want to be able to send a received text message to an email address. This what follows is typical of advice I see on web sites about this: "Open Messages, and open the thread with the message you want to forward. Tap and hold the message until a pop-up appears. Tap More… at the bottom of the...
  2. A

    How to enabale email read receipt?

    Hi I am using outlook on iphone and I want to enable read receipt for emails. How I can do that? I have this feature enabled on my computer. Thanks
  3. D

    Email attachments

    If I don't "tap to download" an email attachment, will the iphone still save the email with the attachment view-able?
  4. DaveM

    Tiny email font

    I'm using the native email app. Ever since the update to iOS 10 (am current on 10.0.2) when an email comes in the font is so tiny that it's unreadable. I can use the two-finger spread to enlarge it, but that's like enlarging a photo - all of the rest of the print is "outside" of the screen area...
  5. V

    Limit, again, on 5 photo attachments in email.

    In my iphone 7 (ios10.1) I can only attach 5 photos in an email. This had been "fixed" in ios9. Any comments. Thanks.
  6. DaveM

    Not receiving notification e-mails

    Sorry to use this thread category, but I don't see a category for forum issues. When I post to a thread I used to get an email notification that someone else had posted to the same thread. In the past few months I no longer receive those emails. My preference settings haven't changed. See below...
  7. L

    different email notification sounds for different accounts

    I use my iPhone 6 for checking several email accounts, and get the same ping sound when I receive an email from any one of them. But my email from work (via Outlook), is becoming increasingly important, and I'd like a notification sound that distinguishes email arrivals just to that account. I...