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  1. D

    Ear speaker not working

    hi, my earpiece speaker isnt working, tried the noise cancelling on and off, and a settings reset. got a new speaker and fitted that but still no joy. could there be something else i'm missing? thanks in advance Richard
  2. jntdroid

    Earpiece Crackling - 8 Plus

    So I know this has been well publicized lately, but I'm trying to figure out if this is the problem I'm having. I just exchanged my 8 for the 8 Plus at lunch. I wanted the better battery life and optical zoom, even if the size is a bit much for me. However, I just made my first phone call...
  3. D

    iPhone 6s Earpiece speaker inoperable after opening iPhone

    Hello I'm a noob, haha well here's what happened I opened my iPhone 6s to unplug/plug the battery and I did fix the issue I had Well now, the earpiece speaker on the phone won't operate...no sound I have the assumption that the ribbon by the earpiece was mistreated or ripped as I opened it but I...