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  1. Michael Graubart

    Safari Sync Problem

    I have a Mac with MacOS 10.13.6 and an iphone SE with iOS 11.4.1, and I sync by means of iCloud. Recently I realized that my bookmarks were no longer syncing either way. I tried the usual remedy of signing out of and back into iCloud on both devices, to no avail. What is more, I have now...
  2. Michael Graubart

    Sorting bookmarks

    I am sure this is an old topic, but I cannot find anything here, so here goes. Is there an app (like an iOS equivalent to SafariSort) that will sort the bookmarks alphabetically in Safari on my iPhone SE (iOS 10.2)? After I have sorted the Safari bookmarks on my Mac, iCloud syncing adds them...
  3. Michael Graubart

    Show Bookmarks Menu in Safari

    Apologies for being naive, but I have just moved up to an iPhone 5s and am having trouble with Safari. I used to have the Bookmarks Menu visible, but I seem now to have done something that I cannot reverse and now I cannot get the Bookmarks Menu back. Please help!