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  1. TechnicGeek

    Moving to iPhone Due to the Size of Device

    Hello, My mom uses iPAD at home and Android smartphone for making calls, rad news and social media. Since I can't find Android smartphone smaller than 5.5" I chose to move to iPhone SE 2022 because it is more compact, maybe it will last longer and hold up well for years to come due to it's good...
  2. D

    iPhone 8 not charging above 1%

    Hello. i have searced on the forum without the answers helping me. My problem is I have a iphone 8 with an unoriginal battery. I bought it from soemone as a repair phone. Now it connects to itunes and says its charging on itunes, however on the phpne it only makes the charging sound but no...
  3. ITGeek

    Are We Going To Have To Go Back To Android?

    After waiting and waiting for Apple to Get It Right, I we finally upgraded our two iPads and iPhone 6S' to iOS 11.3. All was well. Since Apple screwed the pooch for every 11.x up until then, and finally got it right, I stupidly assumed they wouldn't screw it up again on 11.4. So when it...
  4. Maura

    iOS 11 is Draining Some Device Batteries Very Fast

    While it initially seemed that the launch of iOS last week was pretty uneventful as Apple software launches go, some of you may have noticed that it appears to be draining your iPads and iPhones way too fast. While this is normal when a new iOS version is launched, and something that usually...
  5. U

    What can i do to save iphone battery draining so quick?

    Only had my iphone (6s) a few months and the battery is just getting worse :( is there anything i can do to help this?
  6. Maura

    New Report Says the iPhone 7 Has Worse Battery Life of All Current Smartphones

    UK consumer organisation Which? has published a damning report about the iPhone 7 battery life in which it says that Apple’s latest iPhone has the worst battery life of all current flagship smartphones, writes 9to5 Mac. “We compared the iPhone 7’s battery life, when making calls and browsing...
  7. Maura

    iOS 9 Low Power Mode Helps Greatly Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life

    iDownload Blog reports that one new feature of iOS 9 is proving to be a great asset in terms of helping iPhone users extend their phone’s battery life. You have most likely already noticed the new “Low Power Mode” that is available at Settings > Battery. In the mode’s description it says that...