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  1. H

    Iphone 6s plus on sprint bad credit

    I want to get the iphone 6s plus on sprint. But i have not so good credit between 600-500. I know i will be required to give a deposit and would like to know if anyone with a similar credit score and phone choice could tell me there experience with sprint credit check and deposits. I was told to...
  2. R

    Need Some Help on Iphone 5S

    Hi All, I need some help from you guys. Im planning to buy IPhone 5S. I have given my specs below. 1.I use the following apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Hike, FB Messanger, Skype, Chrome Browser, Google maps, Paytm, ShareIt, Toutube, Instagram, GMail, YahooMail, TubeMate, DropBox...
  3. Maura

    Apple to Launch Accessibility Range in 2016

    AppleInsider writes that according to Japanese website MacOtakara, Apple is planning to launch a range of accessibility devices designed to help users with disabilities, both online and in its retail stores sometime between January and March 2016. And while it is not yet known what form this...