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  1. S

    Apple ID is a mess!

    Hi! Newbie here! Apologies, as I think this issue is going to be lengthy, but here goes... So today I got my first iPhone, an iPhone 11. Been using Samsung for years and fancied a change, plus my entire family have iPhones. I'm almost wishing I'd stuck with Samsung as setting the iPhone up has...
  2. E

    Opening Music, Gmail or TV I'm always asked for Apple ID pword

    Hi Whenever I open the Music, TV or Gmail apps on my iPhone X, I'm told my apple id is being used to sign into a device. I assume it's my iphone x in my hand. They ask to click Allow or Not Allow. When I click allow, it says: "Apple ID Verification Code Type your password followed by this...
  3. B

    changing apple ID

    I changed my apple ID (email & password) on the apple website, but how do I change it on my phone? It doesn't give me the change to change the email address.
  4. desert

    Apple ID and password not accepted on iPhone6

    Dear all, I am writing to seek help from the community and hope some of you may be able to give me some assistance. I have an iPhone 6 and since I upgraded to iOS 9.2 back on December 10, 2015, I have encountered problem signing in to my iTunes account on my updated iPhone6. Everything works...