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  1. S

    Apple Maps bloat with Carplay?

    Hello All, My phone is iphone XR. I'm having an issue that I cannot solve... When I use Apple Maps connected to Carplay, the "documents and data" storage for the app bloats. For example: - I removed the Maps app and reinstalled. Documents and Data now at approx. 56 MB - Used the Maps app...
  2. H

    Carplay without connecting to vehicle screen (because it doesn't have one)

    Hi, I have a very old car. It has a car stereo with USB (for connecting a flash drive with music files), aux connection and bluetooth. I wish to buy an iphone 12 BUT, i do not know if iphones have something which allow me to play music/podcasts etc via bluetooth connection, while using...
  3. Maura

    Lexus Announces First Vehicles to Get Apple CarPlay Compatibility

    MacRumors reports that Lexus has today announced the first of its vehicles to have Apple CarPlay compatibility. According to today’s announcement, from September 2018, the 2019 Lexus ES will be available at dealerships in the US, boasting an eight-inch touchscreen display that you can connect to...
  4. Maura

    Apple CarPlay Returns to Honda With the 2017 Accord

    Honda has announced that it will be offering Apple’s CarPlay in its 2017 Accord, which will be arriving in showrooms this coming Monday for a starting price of $22,355, writes 9to5 Mac. Despite being slower than some of its competitors to initially adopt CarPlay, Honda finally brought Apple’s...