1. C

    What else can I do with iPhone mirroring to my PC?

    I see there are several apps that can mirror my iPhone to my larger PC screen. Besides, screen capturing/recording (on my PC) whatever is on my iPhone, what else can I do? Can I copy written text from my PC onto my mirrored iPhone? Can I send emails and text via my mirrored screen so that my...
  2. KevinJS

    Apple routers

    Apple routers come in two flavours, the AirPort Extreme and the Airport Express. There is also a variant of the Extreme called the Time Capsule, which has a built-in HDD of 2 or 3 Tb capacity. AirPorts are simple looking devices, with only one light on the front, which glows a steady green...
  3. KevinJS

    What happened to Home Sharing?

    Well, apparently, iOS 8.4 dispensed with the capability. Have to admit, I didn't notice, being busy with other toys at the time. iOS 9 brought the capability back, but changed the way of accessing it somewhat. First, make sure Home Sharing is turned on and that your OS X and iOS devices are on...