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  1. T

    VAT refund in UK

    Hi, I want to buy an iPhone in London, UK. I am not a EU citizen and I don't live in UK (I just travel for work). Is the 20% tax refund still applicable? It's unclear if this Payment, Financing, Refunds and VAT - Shopping Help relates only to online sales or generally speaking in the UK...
  2. Alvis

    iPhone 6 Plus Activation Problem.

    Hi guys. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, details in this image, the device was working fine until I had it reset, upon turning on, it couldn't activate succesfully, this was the error I was getting and even iTunes couldn't activate it as it was also giving me this error.. I tried to force restart...
  3. Kurogane

    Baseband problem. Bad baseband, bad restore, rip phone

    Hello there, im new here! I have to admit i registered cuz i need ur guys help. Whats the situation. Yesterday i woke up took my 8gb 4S and decided to factory reset. It was successful and i got to the first setup screen. But i couldnt activate. It said that server is not available at the moment...
  4. N

    iPhone 5S can't get through activation due to faulty sim card reader

    I have an iPhone 5S with a faulty sim card reader (thanks to a spilled cup of tea). I've tried other working sim cards in it and it still reads No Sim. Other than the faulty sim reader, the phone is fully functional via wifi. (Well, I should say "was" fully-functional.) I did a full reset of...
  5. P

    Iphone won't stay activated

    Okay, so I bought a used Iphone 5 recently and everything works perfectly on it. My problem is that it won't stay activated. When I first bought it I went through all the steps of activating a new iphone and it worked and I was able to use it fine. But the next day after I woke up I went to...