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    Latest iPhone 7 Leaked Image Shows Full Final Design

    Looks pretty standard but hopefully the strengthened the case a bit. Any word on if they're offering more than one size this time around?
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    Five of Apple iPhone's Hidden Tricks

    I really had no idea there was a way to clear up ram, and clear the cache. This is cool.
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    Looks Like the iPhone 7 Will Have a Headphone Jack After All

    I'm not planning on getting a 7, but I am happy to hear they're keeping the jack. One thing I didn't consider though, is that they may just make headphones with a lightning connector instead of the mini phono. That would be fine by me, so long as there's not an adapter or additional device.
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    More iPhone 7 Rumors Suggest Water & Dust Proof as well as Touch-sensitive Home Button

    I'm with NickJ. I've never had a bluetooth connection that was flawless yet. Not to mention, most of the credit card processing apparatus connects that way. It seems like a trivial amount of space to be worried about.
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    FBI Went to 'Gray Hat Hackers' for Zero-Day Exploit to Open San Bernardino iPhone

    Without getting into the bigger issue of privacy Vs. Security, the terrorists were dead, so no information in this phone was needed to prosecute them. I get that there's an outside (very outside) chance that info on the phone could implicate others, or prevent other attacks, but I don't think...
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    Apple Off the Hook? FBI Gains Access to San Bernardino iPhone and Drops Demands

    I definitely like that Apple stuck to their guns. I kind of think this was always going to be the outcome though. It was a pretty obvious power grab by the government, and iPhone users is a pretty big group of people to tick off all at once. All's well that ends well. For now...
  7. ffarl Review of the iClever Foldable Wireless Keyboard

    That's really cool! Looks like a nice piece of equipment. When I travel without my macbook, I bring a full size bluetooth keyboard for use with my iPad mini. This might be a good substitute for that.
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    Apple's Tim Cook in ABC Interview: Says iPhone Backdoor Would be 'Software Equivalent of Cancer'

    What really steams my clams here is that the suspects are dead. We're not counting on this information to prosecute them, and even if they were alive, the phone isn't needed in the case. Its an obvious use of the keyword "terrorism" to get something they want for other purposes.
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    Tim Cook Email Explains Why Apple Won't Help Hack Shooter's iPhone

    Someone please help me understand this. The terrorists are dead, right? We're not counting on this information to prosecute them, right?
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    Secret Features of Your iPhone

    I use the text shortcuts every day. @@ is my main email. ## is my address and $$ is my phone number. Super handy. I didn't know about hiding unwanted apps tough. Thats good to know!
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    Apple iPhone 7 Rumor Round-Up for January 2016

    Hmm. I'm not sure how I feel about the no headphone jack possibility. Seems odd as every iphone in history has been delivered with headphones. I love my new bluetooth headphones, but it took a LONG time to find some I liked.
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    Apple Supposedly Considering Buying Time Warner Assets for Apple TV Streaming

    I use my appleTV every day, but I never browse actual Apple content. Just netflix, HBO, etc. This might actually change that.
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    Apple Music Free Trial Stops on Wednesday; If You Don't Cancel You Will be Charged

    Thanks Storm! I REALLY appreciate this one.