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    MacBook Pro.

    I got the newest MacBook Air 13in last week. I really like it! I didn’t see the point in spending the extra money when I don’t use the computer for more than money budgeting and browsing the net.
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    Last Movie Watched?

    I tried to watch Pacific Rim with the hubs but... *yawn* It was not entertaining me...
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    How many Apple products do you own?

    I currently have 4, iPhone X, iPad Air 2, Gen 1 Apple Watch Sport and recently purchased MacBook Air!
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    "Can't Find Network"

    iPhone 7 Repair Program for "No Service" Issues - Apple Support There is a known issue with no service on certain iphone 7 models.... See the above link!
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    You may want to have the battery checked.... you could have a consumed battery.
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    constantly reminded to add iTunes pw

    You’re not the only one that this happens to trust me! It’s happened to me before. Try going to, log in and reset your password... then sign out of device, restart device... then sign back in.
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    iCloud question

    Be careful when deleting individual photos from the photo album.... When icloud photo library is enabled you will be deleting the photo from the device and the cloud.
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    constantly reminded to add iTunes pw

    You can try to sign out of your Apple ID.... restart the device... then sign back in.
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    iPhone 6S - Extract Text Message to PC

    My quick go to method is screen shots.... then I email them to myself.
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    New here!

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    New here!

    Welcome to the forum!!! There’s lots of great people and great information here!
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    iPhone X Case Thread

    Pink sands Apple Silicone with a teal metal popsocket [emoji177][emoji173]️
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    iPhone X Case Thread

    I now have two silicone cases and one leather... I like the silicone ones better!
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    Screen protector.... or no??

    I suspected that my Galaxies were scratched at the beach somehow... but I took my 7 Plus to the beach twice without a protector and didn’t see any scratches. It’s really weird! I just can’t get over how great the screen feels now without a protector! I don’t think I can go back! I do have...