Use Your iPhone to Heat Your Water With iKettle 3.0

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    MacRumors writes that the iKettle, Smarter’s Bluetooth kettle, has now arrived in the US after being on sale for several years in the UK.

    The iKettle is able to heat water up to a specified temperature ranging from 68F to 212F.

    You can connect the iKettle to your iPhone via your Wi-Fi network in order to heat your water remotely. This means no more waiting around for your kettle to boil, simply switch it on from the other room and go and get your cup of tea when it’s ready. Not the most essential of devices, it has to be said, but something that iPhone owners who enjoy the connected-home elements of their device will doubtless get a kick out of using.

    The kettle itself is actually very sleek looking, being button-free. The app lets you adjust the boiling temperature by 2 degrees up to 2012F. And for those parents who want to use it to heat up baby bottles, there’s even an applicable “formula mode,” which is a nice idea.

    Other useful modes include the “Wake up mode” and also “Home mode,” which uses geofencing to turn the kettle on when you arrive home.

    The iKettle is available from Best Buy for $149.99: Smarter - iKettle 3rd Generation Wifi Connected 1.8L Electric Kettle - Black/Silver


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