Twitter Updates iOS App With Improved Search and Discover Features

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    Twitter announced via its official Blog that it has updated its iOS app with some new Discover and Search features, among other things. As far as Discover is concerned, all content, including Tweets, Activity, Trends and accounts to follow will be in a single stream. There will also be new previews in the Activity and Trends sections at the top of the Discover tab. For Search, Twitter says that results will now show the most relevant mix of Tweets, photos, and accounts in one stream, just as with Discover. A new search button has also been added to the iPhone app so that you can now search from anywhere in the app. This feature was previously available only in the Android and iPad versions of the app. Twitter says that changes have also been made to the Connect tab to bring it into line with the new look for Discover and Search, continuing the overall theme, if you will. This means that in Connect, the default view will now be of your interactions, such as new followers, retweets and mentions. Finally, the update also includes the ability to click a url in a Tweet and then be taken straight to the website, as opposed to previously when it would require two clicks in total to get to the website.

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