Third party music download file location? Please help!

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Austin G., Aug 18, 2014.

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    I have been jailbroken since the beginning of this year. And I hadn't sync my iphone in a long Time so I figured I would do it since I wasn't doing anything. Well I use the Cydia apps "music4me" and "amnis" to download and import the songs to my music library. Everything has worked fine and dandy till I tried to sync my phone. It started to sync and then my screen shut off on my phone due to auto lock setting. And my phone I a passcode protected, so it fudged up the sync. And then the 250+ songs I downloaded through those apps became "ghost songs" with a circle around an X, as if it were still trying to transfer with my laptop, but it wasn't. And then I tried restarting the sync and everything else I could think of. Still nothing. So then I downloaded another song and tried to transfer it, and it worked fine. But all the other songs were still ghosts. So I deleted the music UI database files to rebuild the list, and sync with my laptop, and it only put the half of my songs on there that I had downloaded from a long time ago from my droid. And so my question is are the music files still hidden somewhere that I can just re-import them? Or are they gone forever? Please help me!!!

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