The first iPhone was released exactly 6 years ago

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    This time, six years ago, a historical event that was about to revolutionize the entire tech world was unfolding. In 2007, Steve Jobs went on stage and unveiled world’s first iPhone.

    Even if some might argue that smartphones existed well before 2007 and even touchscreen phones weren’t strange to the world, still, the iPhone created a revolution that still pumps the blood of countless Apple fans across the world. And in order to celebrate the iPhone’s 6 year birthday, this week, a video tribute of the Moscone Center keynote and more were released to the public.

    The video has already 4 million hits and the numbers are growing. You can also find quite a lot of copycats all around YouTube, if you are curious to see. And you should be, because the first iPhone presentation remained one of Steve Job’s more famous keynotes to the day he died.

    The original iPhone had a 3.5-inch TFT display, featured a number of apps and an ARM 11 processor, a built-in accelerometer, while its battery lasted up to 8 hours. Customers had never seen something of the like before and they rushed in to purchase one. As a result, Apple ended up selling 6.1 million iPhones in the first few quarters. That was the start of consumer loyalty. From then on, Cupertino revamped and refreshed the iPhone on a cyclic basis and released a newer model every year, thus making it one of the most prolific and rich companies in the entire world.

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    Thank YOU Mr Jobs! We are all very appreciative of the creativity you had!

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