Tethercell battery can be controlled with an iPhone application

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    Smartphones can be used for anything these days. They can control the TV channels you watch or they can even help you around the house. This piece of technology we’re going to present you today, has, however, even more amazing qualities to say the least. Meet Tethercell, a battery that lets you control everything that has an AA battery attached to it.

    So, how exactly does Tethercell work? Well it controls the remote object through a Bluetooth-enabled adapter meant for batteries that lets you do whatever you want with the device in question through an iPhone application. So, basically, just by using your phone you can turn on and off devices, check their power status or set the time when they should be on or off. All users need to do is to take out the usual AA batteries powering the object that needs controlling and replace it with a Tethercell that has AAA type battery in it. It doesn’t matter that the object requires more than one battery to actually work, only one Tethercell battery would be enough for you to start mastering it.

    The Tethercell looks like a regular battery featuring a plastic enclosure that hides the AA wireless circuitry. Mechanical design engineers Trey Madhyastha and Kellan O’Connor describe the technology as follows:

    "The electronic brains embedded within the Tethercell contains a lot of cutting-edged electronics based upon the TI CC2540 microcontroller."

    Tethercell also encloses a current sensing OP-AMP comparator, a temperature sensor, a N-channel MOSFET and a 1.5 to 3V boost converter.

    Source: CultofMac

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