Rumour: One of This Year’s iPhones Will Have a Three-Lens Camera System

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    At least one of this year's iPhone lineup said to have a three lens camera.JPG

    According to a report from The Economic Daily News, via AppleInsider, at least one of the three iPhone models that Apple is rumoured to be launching this year will have a three-lens camera system. Sources in Apple’s supply chain are claiming that one model in particular (not named) will have a 5x optical zoom instead of the current 2x model, with a 6P lens system.

    It’s thought that the reasons for the enhanced camera system could be to improve low-light quality, or to act as a type of rangefinder for the system, possibly featuring a depth-mapper such as that used in Face ID for ARKit applications.

    Speaking to the authenticity of the report, AppleInsider notes that the Economic Daily News doesn’t have much more to offer in terms of in-depth detail on the subject matter, and does have a patchy history when it comes to scoops on Apple products.

    Should the report prove to be accurate, however, it could be that at least one new iPhone this year will have a three-camera array similar to that of the Huawei P20 Pro.

    Source: 2018 iPhone may sport three-lens camera system to boost image quality

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