Rumour: Apple Watch to Have Glucose Monitoring and Smart Bands

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    Recent figures have shown that the Apple Watch is already the world’s best-selling fitness device, and now Apple wants to take the health and fitness features of the watch even further. BGR has an exclusive report in which it says that it has heard from its sources that Apple has hired 200 PhDs to work on more health features for the watch.

    In particular, Apple is currently developing a glucose monitoring system for the Apple Watch. Previously it was thought that this was only achievable via a separate device, but BGR has heard from its sources that this is possibly no longer the case and that Apple may one day launch an Apple Watch that can monitor glucose levels. If Apple achieved this it would be an incredible feat to produce what would be the first non-invasive blood sugar measuring device.

    BGR’s sources also say that Apple is planning to launch “smart watch bands” that will act like mini accessories, introducing additional functionality without the need for separate gadgets. It’s possible that the glucose monitoring feature will be part of one such smart watch band.

    The source also told BGR that Apple has “identified the right part of the body and there’s so much more they can and intend to do with the watch.”

    Source: Exclusive: Upcoming Apple Watch to include game-changing health features

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