Rockmelt social browser releases app for iPhone

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    Rockmelt is a brand new social web browser that is trying to reinvent the way users interact with their mobile browsers. And since this week, Rockmelt has released an application especially tailored for the iPhone. Rockmelt is a unique browser that blends a variety of social networking features right there in your browser. The company behind it decided to slowly move into the Apple direction by releasing in October an iPad app. Now the team is taking one step further with the iPhone app.

    The app features a Pinterest-like scrolling interface, with which you can interact using different gestures like swipes to the left for closing tiles or right swiping for saving tiles and reading them later. Borrowing a little from the "like" button concept of Facebook, RockMelt features six emotion buttons that sport a fresh design. There’s the “like” button and there’s the “lol” and “want” or “hmm” options. We find it cute that the “aww” button was added as well. Buttons have proved to be a popular option for 20% of people using RockMelt.

    Compared with the iPad app, the iPhone version displays stories on a single column as opposed to two. It tightens up the story titles as well so more tiles can fit in the iPhone’s display, which is visibly smaller than the iPad’s. Bottom line - the app was designed by the team to enable users to log in from anywhere and connect with their favorite things. RockMelt CEO Eric Vishria commented on the iPhone app:

    "The iPhone supports much more of a snacking model. You dip in while in line or waiting for something. Often when you do that, it's with just one hand, so we really wanted to design for your opposable thumb."

    Source: Engadget
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