More Dubious iPhone 8 Schematics Posted Online

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    Renders based on leaked supposed iPhone 8 pictures 2.JPG

    BGR has a good piece today about some apparent iPhone 8 schematics that were posted today on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo. It was claimed that the photo was taken directly from a computer screen in a Foxconn factory, and that the 3D renders shown are of the iPhone 8, complete with length, width, and height dimensions.

    Pretty much every media outlet that has posted about these schematics has argued that they are fake, but, as BGR says, “stranger things have happened,” so it’s always worth having a look at them anyway, just in case they do end up being the genuine article.

    The schematics show that the Touch ID scanner has been moved to the back of the phone, and while some think this automatically marks the schematics as fake, it’s certainly true to say that there have been several recent rumours to the effect that Apple is thinking of moving the Touch ID scanner to the rear of the phone.

    Renders based on leaked supposed iPhone 8 pictures.JPG

    The rear camera array also looks very strange, another reason why many think the schematics are fake, but just in case they are actually real, Benjamin Geskin has created a render of what an iPhone 8 might look like based on the schematics.

    Source: This is what the iPhone 8 will look like if this morning’s leak was real
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