Just a badge icon for calendar events (no alert, nothing else)

Discussion in 'iPhone Apps' started by ibu, Oct 11, 2012.

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    I like the badge icon as an unobstrusive type of a notification.

    The notification center I do not use at all.

    I went to "Settings -> Notifications -> In the notification center: Calendar" and adjusted:

    In the center: On
    Show: 5 Items
    Alert Style: None
    Badge App Icon: On
    View in Lock Screen: Off

    Than I created a calendar event for today with a reminder "5 minutes before".

    But no badge icon appears, when the time comes.

    When I change "Alert Style" to "Banner", the banner appears as expected. But no badge.

    My iOS version is 5.1.1

    Do I overlook an option or is it true, that just a badge icon as notification (without any alert or alarm) for calendar events is impossible?

    If so, is there any tweak/cydia app which solves the task?
    Or is it possible with iOS 6?

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