How to Fix iPhone White Screen Yourself

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    Sometimes you may see the “white screen” on your iPhone. Normal commands may not work, and the white screen remains in place so many people consider that they need to send the phone to repair store.

    But some times only some simple actions can make your iPhone turn back to normal.” The white screen” sometimes means the iPhone may continue activities in the background, while the screen itself will only display a solid white screen. When cut the power off and back on maybe can solve the issue of your iPhone but sometimes further things need to do with it.

    But if you experience the white screen too often, it’s time to send your iPhone for diagnosing.


    1. Turn off your iPhone with the “Sleep/Wake” button. Now it is completely powered off. Then you can turn on it again.

    2. Press both the Home button and Sleep/Wake button, holding them for at least for 10 seconds. Then the battery symbol or the Apple logo will appear on your screen when iPhone is reset. If you see the battery symbol, please charge your iPhone until it is totally charged.

    3. If the white screen is still there, go to connect your iPhone to the computer with the data cable.

    4. Get in to iTunes and select your device from the Devices list.

    5. Tap “Summary” and then tap “Restore”. Click “Back Up” if prompted.

    6. Tap “Restore” to restore your iPhone.

    All the things have been done now, and if there still is a white screen on your iPhone you had better to ask for professional help.

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