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    Hello there folks,
    I'm glad to have found a well populated forum with an active membership where the rules are maintained with respect to the international community. I too came here to seek answers and knowledge about the iPhone as I have been a fan since it was born. Yes, I am tethered to my phone; never thought such a thing could ever happen. But dems are the facts. I love what I'm able to accomplish with my iPhone.
    I have been reading every thread that I found might offer the opportunity for connecting the dots, the voids in my iPhone experience, and I must say that I have been put off, confused by the iTunes interface as I find it counter-intuitive to all my other recollections of Apple computing. Thus, I haven't been a habitual 'Syncher', have only tried to Restore from Backup once since the iPhone first edition came out. I almost hate to say it but I've been incredibly lucky in that regard. The restore worked out fine but the stress of not understanding how to play nice with iTunes has meant that I use my phone as my computer, not the other way around.
    Anyway, nuff said. Thanks for being here. I welcome your welcome. Oh, another note, I engage the workings of both Macs and "PC's", as they both allow me to accomplish things, but I must say I've never wanted to sail a Mac out a ten story window as I have the PCs I've bought and used. So that's my start here. Adieu.

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