Google Launches Coordinate Business App for iOS

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    iDownload Blog reports that Google has today launched a new business app called Coordinate. The new app, which can only be used in conjunction with a Google Coordinate license, is a workforce management tool designed to make your mobile teams more efficient. Google says that the app enables managers to allocate work in a “smarter, more efficient way” by providing real-time visibility regarding where teams are and what they are doing. iDownload Blog says that one of the app’s best features is mobile job management, which enables managers to enter the details about a specific job in the app, and then dole the job out to a team member, all via their iPhone. That way, any team member who has the app installed will get a notification alert about the new task. Another handy feature of the app is the ability to collect data in the field, with the admin in charge of the team even being able to customize the form that employees are required to complete for each job, including such details as measurements, or client contact information.

    Click here to download the free app:

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