Could Apple Be About to Announce New Products Tomorrow?

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    MacRumors reports that Apple has just updated the System Status page to show that its online store will be undergoing maintenance tomorrow, between midnight and 5:30 a.m. Pacific Time. This has led to speculation that Apple could be about to launch new products, as has been rumoured recently, particularly as the maintenance occurs at a time when Apple always traditionally issues press releases. Could it be that when the store comes back online tomorrow, we’ll have some new products to order?

    While we won’t know for sure until tomorrow, it’s certainly sounding very likely that we will. MacRumors says that it was told by a well-known research firm last week that it expects Apple to release new products this week. The firm in question did not give specific information about which products it believes Apple will announce this week, but it’s thought that the company will be launching as many as three new iPad models, as well as possibly a new 128GB iPhone SE model. However, there have also been several recent rumours that the 10.5-inch iPad Pro has been delayed and won’t be announced this week but at a special event in April.

    Source: Apple Online Store Going Down for 'Maintenance' Tomorrow Morning Ahead of Rumored Product Updates
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