Consumer Reports puts iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 ahead of iPhone X

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    AppleInsider reports that Consumer Reports has rated the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 ahead of the iPhone X overall in its latest smartphone test, although by small margins, it must be said.

    Consumer Reports found that the different smartphones that it put through its strenuous testing process all excelled in different areas. The iPhone X, unsurprisingly, was found to have the best camera, and the iPhone 8 the second-best, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S8 had the best battery life, at 26 hours. The iPhone X battery life came in at 19.5 hours.

    The iPhone X did not fare so well in terms of durability, with one out of three iPhone X units that the testing group had suffering serious damage to the glass casing on the back of the phone after 100 unprotected falls in the special tumbling test apparatus. For this reason, Consumer Reports said that it “highly recommends” using a protective case for your iPhone X. However, it still says that the iPhone X is “one of the best smartphones that you can buy.”

    Source: Consumer Reports ranks iPhone X behind Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 series in testing

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