CES: TrackR Launches New Home-Mapping Smart Plug and Updated Tracking Devices

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    CES starts this Thursday, so expect lots and lots of new tech gadget announcements this week, with companies already vying to launch their new products before everyone else. MacRumors reports on TrackR’s announcement today of a new home-mapping smart plug designed to use with its updated Bluetooth tracking device range.

    First up we have the TrackR pixel, which is the cheaper alternative to the aluminum TrackR bravo already available. Just as with the bravo, you can attach the pixel to a personal item that you want to keep tabs on, such as a keyring, for example, and then find it via the accompanying iOS app. A GPS locator will direct you to the item. And should the TrackR be so far away from you as to be out of range, the company has a “crowd GPS network” of anonymous users who will help you to find your item.

    The TrackR wallet has also been updated to a 2.0 version. It now looks very much like a credit card, and TrackR says that it is the “thinnest item-finder on the market.” It works in the same way as the pixel, enabling you to track it over close-range Bluetooth via the iOS app, or at long-range via the aforementioned crowd-sourced discovery.

    All of the above mentioned TrackR’s devices come with a replaceable battery that should last for around one year.

    The TrackR atlas is a brand new product from the company. It’s a smart plug that will map out your entire home when inserted in a wall outlet and will then indicate the exact location of any connected TrackR via the accompanying app.

    Source: http://www.macrumors.com/2017/01/02/trackr-new-devices-smart-plug/
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