Apple is now the largest mobile vendor in the US

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    The most recent Strategy Analytics report conducted by their Wireless Device Strategies service, showcases a spectacular change in the United State mobile phone business. According to the research, Apple finally outgrew Samsung for the first time, becoming America’s largest smartphone vendor in the last quarter of 2012.

    The report details the claims, by stating that Apple managed to sell a massive 17.7 million mobile phones, thus grabbing a record 34% in the holiday quarter of the last year. Compared to last year’s Q4 the company grew with almost 5 million units sold, from 12.8 million.

    Apple’s fiercest competitor, Samsung, slipped in Cupertino’s wake for the first time since 2008 with 16.8 million devices sold and snatching 32% of the market share in the country.

    Apple’s increased success in the holiday quarter of last year might be due to the holiday discounts applied by the company during the winter shopping spree, but also to the recent launch of the latest handset in the family – the iPhone 5. The decent carrier subsidies and the extensive publicity that Apple enjoys (commercials featuring incredibly talented actors like John Malkovich) might have also contributed to the growth.

    However, the possibility that the success won’t live to see the light of day of the next quarter still exists. As mentioned, Samsung has been number one mobile seller since 2008, and the difference between the two is not that big. Plus, the holiday season should have a special status, as peoples’ shopping habits differ from the ones they manifest the rest of year.

    Source: DeccanHerald
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    I was certain to happen. Apple again on the charge wit just one phone while Samsung has launched many phones. I wish Samsung is also reading.
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    What a surprise ...

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