Apple beats Nokia, becomes global leader in mobile web usage

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    At the beginning of February, Apple achieves yet another conquest by becoming the global leader in terms of Internet usage on mobile devices. The research delivering the information was conducted by web analytic firm StatCounter and unraveled that the Cupertino tech giant managed to dethrone Nokia for the first time in history.

    Just last year Finish mobile maker ruled the mobile devices Internet usage market by owning 37.67%. This year, however, the company has seen an acute downfall, dropping to the third place in the top. Number two has been taken up by Korean giant – Samsung.

    The report states:

    "In January 2013 Apple led globally for the first time in terms of Internet usage with 25.86 per cent, ahead of Samsung (22.69 per cent) and Nokia (22.15 per cent),"

    Last year, Apple only managed to grab 28.67%, while Samsung was in third place with 14.84%. For the Korean company the growth has been pretty impressive. As you can see, the numbers constitute good and bad news for Apple, at the same time. Even if the company has ascended to the number one spot, it has lost approximately 2% of mobile web usage data. The downfall of Nokia in users’ preferences worldwide seems to be the most important factor that accounted for Apple’s success this year.

    The research also showed that Apple triumphs over Samsung in North America where it takes as much as half of the total market share compared to 14% of what Samsung gets. In Europe, however, things are evening out, with Apple taking below 40% and Samsung 25%.

    Source: AppleInsider

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