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Jul 10, 2010
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Ashland City, TN
so i just installed my Zagg invisible shield. I bought the complete protection (front, back, and sides). it wasn't quite as easy as the videos made it, but it was pretty simple. very satisfied with it. Everyone at work was just staring over my shoulder which didnt help at all. lol

Very satisfied so far. great product. i highly recommend.

*** but i will say i dont recommend paying the $20 to have best buy install it... and thats just the front and back (they didnt offer the complete protection at my best buy)
Any side effects like the orange peel thing?

To be honest, I don't know what the orange peel effect is...can anyone explain what that is?

I've been hesitating to buy the zagg because of the orange peel effect ive been hearing about.
I dont have the zagg on my iphone yet but I had it on my previous phone and it was great. Im gonna pick one up soon.
I have been using zagg products for 2.5 years now and have never seen this orange peel people speak of.
Hey guys, the orange peel effect to me is looking at your phone screen when the phone is off - everything is black, the zagg film has a little rippley look, like the skin of an orange. I can see it on mine, but it does not bother me. You have to be looking really close to see it. I personally like the zagg shields for the iphone as well as the ipad.
People make a big deal about the orange peel. It's not too bad considering that the shield protects the glass on your phone. I installed mine as soon as I took it home from the store.
Well right when my iPhone got here i installed it by myself.. its easy why pay Best Buy to do it.. and i put on my case.. no scratches and my OtterBox is ordered.. no telling when ill get it..
im having problems with the screen cover. the back and sides are amazing. but the front im gonna have to replace, but overall im still impressed with the product
This orange peel occurs when people don't let their film completely dry or when they use a case that pulls up the sides and allows air to get underneath. When you try to smooth the air bubble out it creates ripples or the orange peel look.
TO ALL: i recommend buying the zagg shield from their website. There are about 5 best buys around me and when i went looking for one, no one had a single one so i went on their website and bought 2. Being since the 2 met the free shipping requirement i not only got free shipping but zagg also has cupon codes for discounts. I looked online an found a 30% off code. I apologize for not remembering what the code was but just look online. I got my two within about 4 days for less than 40 bucks