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Your very first Mobile/Cell phone

I totally had the Nokia in the 2000's. Snake game was the sh$& :)

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Everyone i knew had Nokia's then, I think Nokia had the market here in the UK at that time..... I had no idea how to use it and couldn't even change the sim, something my son thought absolutely hilarious.
Yes, and I didn't get my first computer until 2009.

You've ben making up for it since.

Mine was an Ericsson in 98/99, similar to this one. You could store about 100 phone numbers, send SMS and, wait for it...make phone calls.

$Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 8.13.05 AM.png
I also collect old cellphones. Anybody use one of these? It sold new for over $2,500 in the early 1980's. $image-2701135559.jpg
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