Yesterday’s Mysterious iPhone SE 2 Video Might Be Genuine After All

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    Yesterday we posted a story from MacRumors about a video that had appeared on Japanese Apple blog Macotakara that claimed to show the forthcoming iPhone SE 2. MacRumors was pretty sceptical about the authenticity of the video, and most of the other reports about the same story on other news sites were equally sceptical.

    However, according to new details provided by BGR today, it’s possible that the video is genuine and really does show the forthcoming iPhone SE 2. BGR’s Zach Epstein says that last week he was sent some iPhone SE 2 sketches by a source that he has used before and that has previously been reliable. Epstein says that when he received the images he started trying to find other sources to confirm the designs that he had been sent, but came up with nothing until the new video surfaced yesterday, featuring a phone that looks “almost exactly” like the sketches that he had been sent. You can see the sketch of the old iPhone SE (left) and the supposed new iPhone SE 2, complete with notch (right), at the top of this post.

    Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the video really does show the iPhone SE 2, it could simply be a coincidence that it looks almost exactly the same as the sketches. Or it might even be the new LCD iPhone that Apple is rumoured to be releasing alongside two OLED iPhones this year.

    Source: Exclusive sketches show yesterday’s iPhone SE 2 video leak might be real

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